A group of leaders have come together to ensure you have the tools, motivation, inspiration, teachings, training’s as well as the “tricks of the trade” you will need for your success. We have all learned over the years through trial and error as well as from trainers that took the time out to teach us what was necessary to be successful. That is what World Team Marketing is about.

We want you to be comfortable here, we want this to be your home, we want this to be the place you come to get all the support and inspiration you need. All of it the training’s, teachings, inspiration, education, calendar you need will be here. So with that on behalf of all the leaders globally that have come together to create this for you I want to welcome you to World Team Marketing and encourage you to take advantage of all the tools being made available for you.

  • Dean Mannheimer
    Dean Mannheimer Mentor

    Dean Mannheimer, has 15 years of training and experience from management in the traditional business world.

    5 years of owning and operating his own traditional businesses.

    Dean has 27 years building in the Direct Selling/ Network Marketing distribution business. He realized that Network Marketing was an extraordinary opportunity without the traditional liabilities that come with a brick and mortar business.

    This experience gives him a proven understanding of what it takes to be successful in any business environment. Using this experience he has built organizations in the hundreds of thousands in many countries around the world. He has worked with leaders helping them earn millions and teaching them to teach others to do the same. He recognized the fact that it is important to teach people the disciplines and principles needed to run a business.

    He joined DubLi in 2008 and has achieved the rank of Senior Vice President. He is one of three that exist in the company as of today.

  • Davide Lombardi
    Davide Lombardi Mentor

    Davide Lombardi has over 10 years in the financial industry overseeing an investment portfolio of over 200M Euro. It included the business development track-record for Internet, Banking, Real estate and Travel industries. He also was the CEO, founder and COB of an E-Commerce Start Up.

    He has been an International Trainer, Coach, Visionary and Inventor holding US and EU patents. In 2001 he was introduced to the Network Marketing opportunity for the first time and soon it became his full time focus. Davide has held top positions in a number of MLM Company’s.

    Davide has an extensive experience of 15 years as a coach and trainer in 3 languages; has traveled all around the world, working together with his team of thousands of individuals and creating 6 figure income earners over the
    past few years.

    He joined DubLi in 2014 and achieved the VP rank in one year and currently in the process to become SVP.

  • Thomas Schmitz
    Thomas Schmitz Mentor

    The last 27 years Thomas Schmitz has built both an online as well as off line organization of more than 500,000 in many countries around the world.

    In November 2009, he found his final home with DubLi; Thomas along with his wife Steffi became the first Senior Vice President in the company in August 2012.
    His organization today covers 100 countries including some of the top money earners from many different companies all part of the Allstar United Group.
    Some of the largest five figure FAST START earnings are being earned by his leaders monthly while developing significant true residual income (transaction commissions on millions of customers) that also grows monthly. My mentor Dean Mannheimer the perfect wording for this part of our model. We call it out “Exit Strategy”. Just like major corporations have in place for their business.

    Thomas is the founder of The Allstar United Group, hosting and supporting other teams within the group. They are one of the fastest growing groups in the DubLi Global team. Thomas’s philosophy when working with partners is to help them develop the income stream desired on a residual basis from a true retail customer to allow them the time to spend with their family and friends enjoying whatever life style they desire.

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